Inov8 Transaction Management System

This is a simple yet powerful platform that brings together all the parties in one single transaction portal—buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, mortgage, escrow, and title. All parties can access the system to make updates and monitor a transaction’s progress. How’s that for transparency?

Empower your clients

Simply register your clients in your Inov8 portal, assign a property address—and they’ll instantly have access and insight into the transactional process.

No more needless phone calls and emails. They can get up-to-date information on their own, in real time.  

What the platform does for you, the professional:

  • Lead Generation: The Inov8 Gener8 lead generation program allows companies to compete with the other tech giants and lead distribution platforms. Our power platform and campaign management provides your organization a low cost lead generation alternative enabling you to grow your business, and provide your clients with an unmatched level of professional service.

  • Agent Profile. For many prospective clients, your online profile will provide their first impression of you. They’re prescreening you online before they ever contact you. So, put your best foot forward! With your Inov8 professional profile, you can create and customize your own digital resume, highlighting your experience, education, special areas of expertise, and—most importantly—client reviews.

  • Find-an-Agent Database. Your profile will be featured on the Inov8 Real Estate public site in our Find-an-Agent database. Prospective clients and other professionals from all over can view your profile, read your reviews, and contact you directly.

  • Transaction Management. You and your clients will be able to instantly access all the details of your transaction. Bring your clients into the process by simply registering them your easy-to-use portal. Then use the portal to communicate directly with them, notifying them of important milestones and providing real-time insight into their transactions.

  • Offer comparison summary. Do you find it challenging to explain the various features of multiple offers to your clients? That becomes a thing of the past with Inov8’s Offer Comparison Summary. As a listing agent the Inov8 Offer Comparison Summary is another powerful tool in offering your clients a fully transparent real estate sales process. Selling agents can send offers directly to your portal—no more lost emails! You can easily review the offers, share with your clients, and respond confidently. It’s a powerful tool—and one more example of the kind of transparency your clients are clamoring for.

  • Milestones, Tasks and Client Updates. As each transaction progresses, you can provide notifications to your clients with a simple click of a button. All notifications are time-stamped and delivered to your clients in real time. You’ll also be notified of upcoming tasks and milestones.

  • Real-Time Showing Feature. Each new listing you create in your Inov8 portal is automatically assigned its own unique property page, with photos, description, price and more. You can also schedule showings, and also receive offers, which are safely secured for your review.

  • Client Communication Log. This is the heart of Inov8’s strategy to provide transparency and communication—the two things real estate clients want above all! With this powerful tool, you can keep clients updated by simply inserting a note into the log whenever new information arises. Each time-stamped note is saved to the transaction, providing a valuable record for the future.

  • Agent Dashboard and Analytics. Take control of your business with the Inov8 Agent Control Panel. When you log into your portal you’ll be greeted by a sleek, modern, easy-to-use panel that will keep you updated. At a glance you can check important milestones, review outstanding tasks, and keep tabs on your sales pipeline.

  • Inov8 Referral Program. Inov8 Real Estate is expanding into new markets nationwide. By the end of 2019 we expect to be the fastest growing real estate network in the nation. Thus, the entire country can serve as your referral base. Your profile on our Inov8 Find-an-Agent website will be visible to other professionals and consumers searching in your area. You can receive referrals with no upfront cost, and a referral fee paid only when you close. Your registration today will secure your spot on the network.

Important: Inov8 does not sell leads and we are not a lead provider.