Inov8 Gener8 Lead Program:

Description & Overview

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Benefits -

  • Reach interested buyers using predictive analytics

  • Complete lead generation ecosystem

  • No need to ever buy leads again

  • Improved ROI

  • Constant stream of ready to be qualified buyers

  • Automated follow-up eliminates the need for expense call center operations

  • Constant flow of inbound sales calls

  • Reverse MSA in which the lender gets the leads first

  • Provide value proposition for Realtor partners

  • Controlled and predictable marketing efforts

  • Increased revenue per market center

  • Ability to scale rapidly

Features –

  • Complete all-in-one internet based marketing campaign & campaign management.

  • Web-based Agent/Lender community platform for lead assignment and nurturing.

  • Automated lead follow-up

  • Powerful real estate transaction platform & CRM

  • Ability to manage multiple real estate offices and multiple agents from a single lender portal / dashboard

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Life of a Lead – Why is Zillow Changing Its Model?

  • Current Online Lead Generation Models DO NOT CONVERT

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The Current Model is Broken - Due to Poor Lead Follow-Up.

  • Lack of Follow Up Systems

  • Lack of Lead Nurturing

  • Lack of Time

  • Poor Follow Up

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Inov8 Gener8 Lead Generation Program Solves The Above Mentioned Issue.

  • Automated Lead Engagement

  • Stealth Voice Mail (1 min)

  • Auto Text (30 min)

  • Auto Email (Drip Campaign)

  • Follow up for up to a year



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Powerful Public Facing Lead Generation Platform.

  • Consumer centric lead and data capture

  • Lead generation websites that are state, county, city, and even community specific.

  • IDX Integration provides real time property data updated every 20 minutes.

  • Pinpoint Property Search:

  • Each state, county, city, and community can be mapped and searched down to the most specific of neighborhoods.

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IDX Search Requires Account Creation – Lead Puts in Their Information.

  • Search feature collects vital data at users request, allowing the user to set up alerts and notifications in their desired areas

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Once Account is Created -  Lead Notification Sent to Mortgage Professional and/or ISA.

  • Text Notification

  • Email Notification

  • Sent to Any Phone Number

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Lead Instantly Automatically Receives Communication From Lender and/or ISA.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) That acts and responds as human interaction.

  • Any interaction beyond normal protocol prompts mortgage professional to engage in conversation

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Once a Prospect becomes a Lead - Mortgage Professional or ISA Creates Lead in the Inov8 System.

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Once Lead Is Pre-Approved, Mortgage Professional or ISA Assigns the Lead to One of Their Preferred Agents in Their Network.

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Once Lead Transitions to Client - The Entire Transaction is Monitored and Closed Within the Inov8 Platform.

  • Automatic transaction, task, and milestone updates

  • Lender & Agent direct messaging and conversation log

  • Shared documents, files, and uploads

  • Transactional activity tracker

  • Complete transaction management system from lead to close