Our Mission

The mission of Inov8 technology systems is to combine powerful lead generation with strong back office lead distribution, and lead effective lead management technology. Through this process organizations are able to create a self sustaining lead ecosystem in which client rapport is developed and nurtured from first contact to closing.

The mortgage and real estate technology landscape is rapidly changing. Consumers now are more empowered than ever before— In order to evolve, adapt, and deliver value to our clients mortgage and real estate professionals must be able to capture the attention and deliver value to prospective clients beginning at first impressions.

Our mission, then, is to make the interaction between mortgage and real estate professionals along with their clients so effortless, satisfying and value driven, that the expectations of today’s real estate consumer is exceeded.

Imagine …

  • Powerful low cost lead generation

  • Seamless lead distribution and lead follow-up technology

  • A single online portal that contains all your transaction data

  • A platform that can be accessed by all transaction stakeholders—listing agents, selling agents, escrow officers, title officers, loan officers ... No more communication snags; no more wasted time playing phone tag or relaying information!

  • A task manager that tracks transaction milestones, provides timely reminders and even sends client updates

  • An offer comparison summary that makes the features of each offer immediately accessible to you and your clients.